Our Pool

The Brandon Shapes Fitness for Women is a well-rounded center for fitness because we offer an exercise pool for classes and lessons as well as a heated therapy pool for its members.


The hot tub is called our Therapy Pool. The temp is 101 degrees and meant to be a haven for muscle recovery following a workout or long day.

The therapy pool has room for up to 8 members and or guests and is open during business hours. The power jets actually target specific areas of concern during the recommended ten-minute session. Accompany your session with ten minutes in our classic cedar-planked hot sauna and improve not only recovery but also performance. The spa is not opened during Swimming lessons on Sunday 10am -2pm

Check out our Class Schedule for the variety of Aqua Fitness classes offered through the week. 

The community is amazing so it’s easy to create friendships. Everyone motivates one another and the staff really do care. ~ Britley

fitness pool at Brandon Shapes